Unveiled – Oneplus Nord CE In India

The Oneplus Nord CE 5G smartphone from smartphone giant OnePlus is all set to make waves with its features and its value proposition. As a powerful device in terms of mobile connectivity, the Oneplus can bring you closer to your office and your life, thanks to its impressive dual camera feature and its overall performance and user experience. If you’re thinking about buying the Oneplus, you need to know that it is not an overly expensive phone. Its low cost does set it apart but other than that, it comes with some pretty impressive features. One feature that really sets the Oneplus apart from the rest of the crowd is its two camera modules which allow you to capture your moments in multiple angles with ease. The second module is simply amazing and provides a whole new level of functionality, allowing you to add your favourite pictures and videos to your Oneplus photo album for easy access.

The Oneplus Nord CE 5G definitely pack oneplus nord ces a punch with its dual camera setup. The Oneplus’ main camera is quite competent in itself, giving you great image quality. The problem lies in the fact that the resolution on the main camera is very low when compared to the image resolution of the secondary camera module. It s a big disappointment when you find out that this is just one of the minor flaws that the phone has. The Oneplus Nord CE offers more than enough convenience and value for the money when you consider that it offers the standard Oneplus camera setup with a pair of earphone jacks, a wide-angle lens, optical zoom, a monochrome camera, and a USB flash drive.

The Oneplus Nordic power pack certainly delivers when it comes to power and speed. The phone has a huge amount of power and the light weight easily fits into your pocket even with the aid of a power bank. In terms of performance, the Oneplus Nord CE definitely scores above the mark with regards to its camera performance. It gives you great image quality, speed and features such as a built in image stabilizer, anti-glare feature, and slow-motion recording. It also has a very impressive battery life, lasting over ten hours, which proves extremely handy.

The Oneplus Nordic model has yet another amazing selling point – the ability to pre-order the phone. If you have not purchased a smartphone in a while then this is certainly a great way to get one. The phone can be pre-ordered at any Oneplus store or from online sources like ebay at a price much lower than that of retail stores or the manufacturer’s outlets. This means that the phones are all set to become hot sellers in a very short time frame.

The pricing of the Oneplus Nordic comes in for two variants. The standard one comes in for a reduced rate of 0.69GB for the basic model and 0.82GB for the pro variant. The additional features that come with the phone such as a USB micro SD slot, radio, Bluetooth, and the camera control allow for extra money to be saved. You will find that the standard version of the Oneplus comes with a slightly bigger and thicker battery which offers you about four hours of talk time on a single charge. The extra battery and additional storage capacity will obviously help you increase your talk time.

The Oneplus Nordic has a number of other unique selling points such as the ability to use Google Maps to navigate around your location and the absence of a cell phone call chit that is required to make a call. Another unique selling point is the presence of the infrared illuminator. With the help of this illuminator, you are able to see your surroundings in greater detail especially when it comes to night vision. One more selling point comes from the fact that the Oneplus is the first smart phone with a fully functioning IR filter. This IR filter works with the camera to provide you with the best night vision experience. The Oneplus also has a feature where you can turn off the camera completely so that you do not need to worry about the bright light shining off the phone.